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A name that probably needs no introduction in comedy circles of Australia, a person known for quick-witted deliveries which evoke laughter with every syllable that he utters is none other than – yes, you guessed, its Dave Hughes!

This man is just plain hilarious. I just finished watching an amazing performance by Dave in a video of one of his performances in 2013, and couldn’t stop laughing at his one-liners. He takes a dig at the way supermarkets fob off stuff that you just don’t need, all in his original, humorous way, with his broad Aussie accent adding extra flavor to the act, done with the deadpan face that he has become well-known for. And that, in essence is what Dave Hughes is all about.

Born on 26 November 1970, Dave Hughes graduated from Christian Brothers’ College in 1988, and was an outstanding student. He went on to study IT at Swinburne University, Melbourne and completed his accountancy from Deakin University, Warrnambool and went on to earn his living by working as an abattoir, a bricklayer’s laborer and a shop assistant. But at the age of 22, he gave it all up to make a fresh start, albeit quite shaky, as a stand-up comedian from 1992 onwards.

Dave’s first gig was in Perth, and his act came off badly. But, he was unfazed, and after three attempts, at the end of six months, he was more confident and had found his bearings in the world of comedy. Dave then began his foray into television, with co-hosting the ABC comedy talk show, The Glass House, until its demise in 2006. He was later a guest on shows like The Fat, Rove Live, The Panel, Thank God You’re Here and not to mention the renowned Spicks & Specks.

Dave Hughes is an avid football fan, so he is deeply involved with supporting the AFL and during the football season, he appears on Network Ten’s show, Before the Game, with other notable comedians like Lehmo and Mick Molloy. Among his other television appearances are his involvement with Rove in 2007, Hughesy Loses It in 2008-2009, and a resultant segment from the same show, Help me, which revolved around a particular topic. 2009 also ushered in a stint for Dave on Channel 10’s show with The 7PM Project, later to be known as just The Project, which took up most of his time, where he continued to work until 2013. At the end of 2013, Dave went back into stand-up comedy, although he appears on Channel 10 from time to time. Dave Hughes recently appeared as a guest star in an ABC TV production, Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.

Dave Hughes’s other accomplishments include his active participation in radio programs like Hughesy, Kate and Dave and he also worked with radio stations like Triple M, Active Rock and Vega 91.5 FM. He also had a brief stint acting in Neighbours, and has appeared in a series of comedy films entitled Scumbus. In 2007 Dave Hughes was presented with an Aria Award, for outstanding comedy.

Dave Hughes is married to Holly, who works as a reporter for the Herald Sun. They have three children.

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…one hilarious dude… 70 minutes of relentlessly entertaining sarcasm and self-deprecation

– The Age

Hughes has become one of the most appealing, and most powerful, comics around.

– Sydney Morning Herald

Dave Hughes is one of the funniest men in a city that has produced many of Australia’s funniest people.

– Sunday Telegraph

Dave Hughes’ wide crooked teeth smile and casual ocker charm kept the crowd howling like drains

– Herald Sun

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