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 Over the last decade we have designed countess special events for Bars, Clubs and Corporate functions. If your venue or event is in need of a consultant, give us a call – we’re transparent, clear and know how to make things happen. 

 The company was established to do just that, move the goal posts on what is possible and expected at a live event, we’ve often been copied but with a team of the nations best comedians and the most professional service in the industry we are a formidable team. 

We enjoy an entertainment challenge and strive to cater to any and all styles of events. Our company provides Hosts and MC’s for any occasion be it Modelling Competitions, Melbourne Cup Days, Fundraising Events, Australia Day Celebrations, Christmas Parties, Weddings and anything else you want to throw at us!

Our Favourite Things

Every event is a chance for us to come up with a new and interesting was to entertain our clients and patrons, we have come up with some seriously wacky ways to do that thus far!

Perfect Match Live

An awesome night hopelessly devoted to helping singles meet their most compatible partner!
One lovely lady will get the chance to interview 3 lovely chaps live on stage, guided by our wonderful host Steve Philp… Then it’s the gents turn, after we find the perfect match you’ll get the chance to go on a dinner date all supplied by perfect match live!

Everyone walks away a date or a great consolation prize.
(And first pick of the other runner up singles!)

Even if you’re not one of the participants get on down to meet other singles and you may just meet the man or woman of your dreams!

Perfect Match Live 313





To get involved just send us an email and tell us about your interest and we’ll do the rest!

Please include your:
What are you looking for in a partner?
Describe your personality in 5 words.

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